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Most of us only build a new kitchen every decade or so ~ and over time, the many design concepts, materials and construction techniques have all evolved to new horizons. More than twenty five years of thought and market leadership have shown us that the happiest clients typically work through these key steps to move from dream to reality.

Beautiful kitchen design


Kitchen Planning Timeline

  Take in the Broad Landscape

Consider all the new materials, accessories, designs and concepts, then...

  Talk with a Designer

This will bring functionality, design and budget into focus. Now...

  Refine your Thinking

Rethink the design detail and colour palette. Now you can...

  Review your Options

True value will be clear by now, so now...

  Choose a Partner

Then work as a team for a beautiful result!

Head Designer, Anders Lawaetz shares his tips for designing a kitchen that you will be happy with for years to come.


Pay attention to your current and future kitchen requirements

The very first thing to do is to work out what you like about your current kitchen and what would you change.

Determine your storage space requirements

The basis for a well planned kitchen is determining your storage requirements. This depends on lifestyle, shopping behaviour and how often cooking takes place in the kitchen.

Plan in kitchen zones

Identify the individual kitchen zones. These include: storage of consumables and non-consumables and cleaning, preparation and cooking areas. Specific items placed in each zone create a kitchen with efficient work flow.

Select storage solutions that work for you

There are literally heaps of space-saving storage solutions that can make your kitchen much more productive.

Make sure that enough benchtop space is designed into your kitchen

Food preparation is the overriding purpose of the kitchen so you need to make sure that you have plenty of space for it if possible.

Make sure that the hardware in your kitchen is the best quality you can afford

A lot of the expense in a kitchen is in the doors and panels. The most popular materials used in today's kitchens are laminate, polyurethane, vacuum formed, solid timber, timber veneer, glass and stainless steel. Popular choices for the kitchen benchtop are granite, Corian, quartz, stainless steel, laminate, tile and hardwood.

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